Become a Team Member

The Black Knights are open to any high school aged students (14 – 18 typically). Exceptions are possible for younger students that demonstrate high-maturity. We encourage older roboticists to consider mentoring.


  • Completed Team Information Packet
  • Solid State Depot Liability Waiver
  • Annual Team Fee of $50 (Waivers possible)
  • Annual Registration with FIRST’s Youth Registration System

Team information packets and liability waivers may be submitted electronically via e-mail to, or in person at any team meeting.

Team Information Packet

This packet provides the team with basic information: allergies, contact info, and experience level with robotics. Included in the packet is information for parents / guardians about what to expect from the program, important dates / deadlines, and contact information for the team mentors.

All team members must complete the forms attached to the packet and submit, before participating in team meetings (information sessions are exempt).

Students only need to complete the Team Information Packet once.

Team Fee

Generous donations from our sponsors allow the team to cover all expenses for: materials, tools, space, and competition entry fees. We ask team members to cover our per-student expenses. Team fees allow us to buy each student their own:

  • T-Shirt
  • Jacket
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Hearing Protection

The team fee is re-occurring each year. We are happy to waive the team fee for any student that is unable to pay it. Team fees may be paid in either cash or check, checks should be made payable to “Solid State Depot” with a memo “2036 Team Fee”.

SSD Liability Waiver

Space for the Black Knights is generous provided by the Solid State Depot. A non-profit makerspace that has been operating in Boulder CO since 2008. SSD requires that anyone who attends activities in their space complete a liability waiver indemnifying SSD from liability for personal injury or property damage.

This must be completed once for each student (guardian signature required if under 18). Additionally, any parents who wish to attend / participate in team meetings at SSD must complete the form.

FIRST’s Youth Registration System

FIRST is the non-profit organization that operates the competition the Black Knights compete in. FIRST requires all students who attend events to complete their registration system, and have guardians electronically sign FIRST’s Consent and Release Form. Instructions for completing this process are located here:

Youth Registration System